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Have an impact while making a good salary

Take the first step in your new career with this 3-week training, free of charge. You'll gain the skills and confidence you need to hit the ground running.

Course Overview

What to expect

7 hours per week for 3 weeks

Plus most of the content allows you to go at your own pace.

FREE to you

We'll also connect you to great local jobs that pay a living wage and have basic benefits.

Engaging content accessible on any device

Our platform works on every device.

Better together

The community platform allows you to get support from others.

About this course

Get up to speed quickly with our short yet powerful content

Learn all about the industry and potential roles you can fill

Gain confidence in who you are and what you have to contribute

Connect with peers while going through the course


Your Story Matters

Discover your strengths and relevant experiences as you learn how to communicate your story.


Plus, we'll kick things off with a live call where you can meet fellow students and learn the power of self care and mindset.


Building a New Career

Gain a basic understanding of the field; get exposure to roles & responsibilities and expected wages; and learn about diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.

In our second live call, you'll identify your motivation and purpose, and learn how to get started in this new industry.


Preparing for the Interview

Polish your resume and learn how to be authentic and memorable in the interview.

For the third and final live call, we will celebrate your accomplishment and you'll learn how to speak up for and communicate about yourself.

(At no cost to you!)

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